Pharmacy – (905) 859-2322

Our Pharmacy offers you many benefits such as saving $2 on all Drug Benefit Covered Prescriptions, free Blister Packs & Delivery and Free Yearly Medication Reviews. The Pharmacy is open: Day Times Monday 9am – 8pm Tuesday 9am – 7pm


Nobleton Medical is proud to offer Physiotherapy and Chiropractic services through our partner Physiomed. At Physiomed, rehabilitating injury is just the beginning. Their whole health approach is about treating, strengthening and educating for long term health. They believe that by

Clinic – (905) 859-9998

The Nobleton Medical and Walk-In Clinic currently has no wait times to see a physician. The clinic is operated by a group of 5 physicians who work out of Stephenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston. The new team includes Doctors Oswaldo